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3M window film for architects

3M™ Thinsulate™ Window Films help to add an extra pane of glass at a fraction of the cost of window replacement.

3M™ Window™ Films can be an architect’s best friend, helping to address multiple building issues, all in a creative manner.

3M Sun Control & Insulating Window Films

As an architect, making building retrofits more energy efficient may be part of your responsibility. Too often the inefficiencies of a building’s envelope are overlooked. Windows tend to be a building’s Achilles heel, creating inefficiencies that are tolerated because of an occupant’s desire for natural light. 3M manufactures window films that reduce a window’s energy inefficiency without changing a building’s appearance. Turn single pane glass into double pane, or double pane into triple pane, all at a fraction of the cost of window replacement. 3M Sun Control Window Films are a component of LEED Sustainable Design, helping to contribute 2 to 11 points.

3M Safety & Security Films

Have you specified a certain type of glass only to find out that the general contractor made a mistake and used something else? Whether they put in clear glass instead of tinted or used non-tempered glass instead of tempered, those mistakes are costly and compromise the design that you created. 3M manufactures a window film that can solve those problems after the fact in a cost-effective manner. Our films turn most non-tempered glass into tempered glass. So if a building inspector is delaying the use and occupancy permit as a result of a contractor’s mistake, 3M can help. These same films make unwanted entry through glass more difficult, which is ideal for your retail clients.

3M Decorative Films

Decorative glass films for privacy and light disbursement have become very popular in commercial space. They simulate etched / sandblasted glass at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Unlike sandblasted glass, films are easy to clean and maintain. And you can create custom-cut patterns and designs to give your project that finishing touch. 3M manufactures a line of decorative films named Fasara™. Available in over 50 flavors, with each one having the ability to be computer-cut, Fasara films allow you to customize and put your mark on your project.
View complete line of 3M Fasara Glass Finishes

3M Daylight Redirecting Films

When planning the placement of lighting in new construction or retrofit, do you ever wish that you could use less fixtures to reduce a building’s energy consumption? Well now you can thanks to 3M’s new Daylight Redirecting Film – a film that when applied to curtain wall glass redirects 80% of the sun’s light toward the ceiling and to a depth of almost 40 feet! Unlike light shelves or blinds, this new film is less expensive and is a passive system; it’s always doing its job.

  • Redirects 80% of light up to the ceiling
  • Redirects natural light up to 40′ deep into the building
  • Requires no additional maintenance or special cleaning
  • Extends daylight zone up to 8′ for every one foot of window treatment
  • Is cost effective compared to other daylighting solutions
  • Offers up to 52% lighting energy savings compared to baseline usage
  • Offers savings up to 1.5 kwh/sqft of floor area
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