The 3M Quality Promise

3M Company has invested millions of dollars in window film research and development. And today, millions of square feet of 3M window film have been installed throughout the world. As a result, 3M window films have a comprehensive warranty that covers material and labor (removal and reapplication) and protects against:

  • Blistering
  • Bubbling
  • Cracking
  • Crazing
  • Delamination
  • Discoloration / Purpling
  • Peeling
  • Glass Breakage
  • Seal Failure (standard for residential, extra charge for commercial)

3M warrants that its Ultra Safety & Security Films will maintain their strength, tear, and penetration-resistant properties – essential product characteristics when glass retention is the primary objective.

Any and all defects are warrantied by 3M Company. Please see warranty samples for all terms and conditions.

The table below shows the terms of warranty coverage when the film is installed by a 3M Authorized Window Film dealer on the appropriate glass. Select the links below to view a sample copy of 3M’s Quality Promise to see the applicable warranty terms and conditions.


Commercial / GovernmentResidentialAutomotive
Thinsulate10-15 YearsLifetime*N/A
Traditional12-14 YearsLifetime*N/A

Sun Control

Commercial / GovernmentResidentialAutomotive
Prestige15 YearsLifetime*N/A
Ceramic15 YearsLifetime*N/A
Night Vision12-14 YearsLifetime*N/A
Traditional10-12 YearsLifetime*N/A
Exterior Prestige7-10 Years7-10 YearsN/A
Exterior Traditional1-2 Years1-2 YearsN/A
Daylight Redirecting10 YearsN/AN/A

Safety & Security

Commercial / GovernmentResidentialAutomotive
Ultra Prestige15 YearsLifetime*N/A
Ultra Night Vision12-15 YearsLifetime*N/A
Traditional10-14 YearsLifetime*N/A
Exterior5-7 Years5-7 YearsN/A
Anti-Graffiti1 Year1 YearN/A
Privacy1-5 YearsN/AN/A


Commercial / GovernmentResidentialAutomotive
Fasara5 Years5 YearsN/A
Scotchcal3-15 Years3-15 YearsN/A

Daylight Redirecting Film

Commercial / GovernmentResidentialAutomotive
Daylight Redirecting Film10 YearsN/AN/A


Commercial / GovernmentResidentialAutomotive
Color StableN/AN/ALifetime*
FX PremiumN/AN/ALifetime*
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