Sun Control

3M sun control window films3M Window Films can reduce the inefficiencies associated with fenestration by helping to do the following:

  • Reduce heating and cooling bills by up to 10%
  • Reduce temperatures by up to 16°F
  • Receive up to 11 LEED points
  • Improve Energy Star Portfolio Manager Score

Moreover, utility companies believe in the effectiveness of window films that they rebate them.

In 2011, the US Department of Energy (DOE) conducted an evaluation of the Top 50 commercially available energy conservation technologies and found window film to be a top tier solution based on payback, probability of success, and overall energy savings.

Also around that time, CONSOL, a leading consulting firm, used the DOE’s Energy Plus modeling software and concluded the following about window film:

  • Payback for single pane glass in as little as 1.4 years
  • Payback for double pane glass in as little as 2.1 years
  • Savings of 19 kWh / sq ft of installed film

Since the study conducted by CONSOL returned such favorable results, the state of California decided to update its building code to include window film.

Do 3M Window Films Work?

Consider this real life case study of the Century Towers in Los Angeles, CA.

3M sun control window filmsBefore 3M Window Film

  • Two 44 story towers
  • Consistent heating and cooling challenges
  • Building management seeking sustainability

After 3M Window Film

  • Installed on 11,000 windows
  • Completed in just four months
  • 155,000 kWh savings per month
  • Rebated by local utility company
  • Payback period less than 8 months

Download Case Study

3M’s All Season Low E window films not only block out the sun’s heat in the summer, but help to keep manmade heat inside the building envelope during the winter. These films have a unique patented construction that allows them to reflect manmade heat back into the room, working for you year round. They help reduce the amount of heat loss through windows in areas that require heating systems. These products work for you 24 hours a day in cooler climates and on all sides of the building, even the sides that do not get incoming solar radiation.

If you want to know what the estimated effect of 3M window film will be on your commercial building, let us know. We can estimate the impact at no cost or obligation to you and you can learn more by reading our proof of technology page.

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